Rent a Car for NRI in Kerala

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Rent a Car for NRI in Kerala

Kottayam Cars provides Rent a Car for NRI in Kerala at the lowest car rental rates in Kerala.

Please call/WhatsApp us on +919447077049 / +919847077049 / mail us at: or fill in the below form.

Why NRI’s should rent a car in Kerala while they come on leave, instead of buying a car. First of all NRI’s come on a very short span of time on leave and buying a car for it is never economically viable. For eg: if you buy a car for Rs 10 lakhs after 3 years car will have only a value of Rs 6 lakhs after depreciation(4 lakhs) and over these, you would have spent another Rs 1.5 lakhs on maintenance and insurance. So you will lose around 5 lakhs in 3 years, on the same hand if you deposit 10 lakhs is in Bank it would fetch you an interest of Rs 70,000/- (7%) per year, our rental rate for a 10 lakhs worth car is around Rs 40,000/- for a month(your annual vacation in a year), even if you take a loan for buying a car you end up paying around 10.00% interest. You can save a lot of money by not investing in buying a car. Only buy a car once you decide to come back and settle in Kerala.

Kottayam Cars is a premium car rental service which provides Rent A Car for NRI in Kerala. We have all types of Automatic and manual cars[top end models] available in the market. Our cars are all well maintained and less than 36 months old. We follow simple procedures for providing cars for NRIs, Aiport pick up and drop provided at all International airports in Kerala.

You can find our Terms and Conditions in detail at following link

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