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Rent a Car in Idukki

Rent a Car in Idukki without driver from Kottayam Cars, our Automatic Cars / Manual Cars /Wedding Car rental service is available in all areas of Idukki.

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Scenic view of Idukki Reservoir.


Idukki is the most beautiful district  in Kerala. Even though it is the second largest district ,it is the least populated in Kerala.The district is covered by forest of western ghats which makes it more attractive to tourists.

As said earlier,97% of the district is made of forest .so the mountainous land with alluvial soil and rocks of Archean age makes it fertile for all the flavourful spices to grow rich. Among them, ‘the queen of fragrance’ is the Cardamom, which is also represented as ‘Idukki gold’ as it costs around 500 Indian rupees for 100grams. Secondly, Tea plantation occupies a vast area in Munnar regions in which the largest one is the Kannan Devan hills. These are planted in the manner called ‘condor planting’ because it prevents land sliding to a greater extent.  Other major crops are Black and white pepper, cocoa, coffee, cloves, vanilla. The hilly area helps its growth in a natural way. Dairy farming is the next surprising lifestyle seen among the farmers here. The manures of the cattle’s are used as fertiliser here.

Keeping the farming on one side, Tourism on the other side booms here every day of every year without fail because of the picturesque view of hills and valleys. Anamudi is the highest mountain in south India with lots of fun like trekking and trailing all along the way. Even the off-road driving is arranged by the government for the specific time slots. Remember to open the windows of your car while driving here, to breath in the pure air. If it is in the morning time some of the roads seem to be covered by the silver forms of mist and in the afternoon we can see that on the heads of hills as a Santa clause cap. 

Dams of Idukki tells you various historical stories on the way to take it back with you as an ever cherishing memories of past. Tribal villages are still untouched by the civilised bodies the deepest part of Idukki.

Main areas/towns in Idukki district are Adimali, Thodupuzha, Muthalakodam, Vagavurrai, Edamaruk, Idukki township, Kalayanthani, Vandiperiyar, Kattappana, Peermade, Kochera, Kumily, Marayur, Suryanelli, Munnar, Parathode, Muttukad, Nedumkandam, Painavu, Murickassery, Puttady, Thekkady, Udumbanchola, Vazhithala.

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Rent a Car in Idukki

Rent a Car in Idukki without Driver

Rent Automatic Car in Idukki

Wedding Car Rental in Idukki

Self Driven Car Rental in Idukki

Luxury Car Rental in Idukki

Idukki Car Rental

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