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Rent a Car in Kumbanad

Rent a Car in Kumbanad without driver from Kottayam Cars. Our Automatic Cars/ Manual Cars / Wedding Car rental service is available across all areas in Kumbanad.

Please call/WhatsApp us on +919447077049 / +919847077049 / email: or fill in the below form if you have any car rental requirements in Kumbanad.


Our Services include:

Rent a Car in Kumbanad without driver

Rent Automatic Car in Kumbanad

Wedding Car Rental in Kumbanad

Luxury Car Rental in Kumbanad

Automatic Car Rental in Kumbanad

Kumbanad Car Rental

Kottayam Cars is a premium car rental service (Rent a Car) based in Kerala. Rent a Car in Kumbanad with Kottayam Cars, booking Rent a Car in Kerala without driver is very simple and fast. NRIs who plan on making trips to Kerala can pre-book automatic, manual transmission car of their choice, specify the duration they need it for and the location they need it to be delivered to. When the NRI lands in Kerala, the car will be delivered at the Airport or the location of their preference at the time specified.

Kumbanad is a small town in the Thiruvalla taluk of Pathanamthitta district. This town is filled with the richest people than any other parts in the district because the economy is filled in by the NRIs of this town. Ninety percent of towns youngsters are NRIs and so most of the houses have old people who are back to India. Their banks have almost 4000crores of deposit that is why they are being proudly announced as the economic background of Kerala. 

The name has the meaning which land of elephants. It is believed that this place was a thick forest and lots of elephants and other wild animals lived here. Moreover, pilgrims of Sabarimala couldn’t dare to cross the forest at night until the roads were made. Geographically, this place still has huge trees and the climate is tropical in nature with good rainfall. The main cultivation here is coffee plantations , pepper and rubber trees. Recently pineapple plants are also grown during the weaning period of rubber saplings.

Kumbanad fellowship convention is famous throughout the state and thousands of people attend this meeting. To travel to here roadways are the best options to consider, as rail route is available only in a nearby city, Thiruvalla. As per the new plan for a rail route from Thiruvalla to Sabarimala, the authorities are planning to add Kumbanad also one of the rail stops in between. 

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