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Rent a Car in Pathanamthitta

Rent a Car in Pathanamthitta from Kottayam Cars , our Automatic Cars / Manual Cars / Wedding Car Rental service available across all areas in Pathanamthitta.

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Main town / areas of Pathanamthitta are Thiruvalla, Adoor, Mallapally, Kumbanad, Parumala, Chunkappara,Kodumthara, Maniyar, Koipram, Vaipur, Konni, Lahai, Anandapally, Malayalappuzha, Kozhencherry, Maramon, Omallur, Nannoor, Koodal, Pandalam, Pathanamthitta, Kadakkad, Pullad, Kudamuck, Ranni, Kotta, Seethathodu, Kumbazha, Tiruvalla, Vallamkulam.

Our services in Pathanamthitta include:

Rent a car without driver for NRI

Automatic Car for Rent in Pathanamthitta

Rent a Car in Pathanamthitta without driver

Wedding Car for rent in Pathanamthitta.

Sabarimala Car Rental

Luxury Car Rental in Pathanamthitta

Rent a car in Thiruvalla without driver

Rent automatic car in thiruvalla

Car Rental in Thiruvalla

Rental Cars in Pathanamthitta

Rent a Car in Adoor

Rent a Car in Cochin Airport

Rent a Car in Kozhencherry

Rent automatic Car in Kozhencherry

Rent a Car in Kumbanad

Rent automatic Car in Kumbanad

Rent a Car in Malayalappuzha

Rent automatic Car in Malayalappuzha

Rent a Car in Mallapally

Rent automatic Car in Mallapally

Rent a Car in Maramon

Rent automatic Car in Maramon

Rent a Car in Parumala

Rent automatic Car in Parumala
Rent a Car in Pullad

Rent automatic Car in Pullad

Rent a Car in Thiruvalla

Thiruvalla Car Rentals

Self Driven car rental in Thiruvalla


Pathanamthitta, the least polluted city in India, is a municipality and district in central Kerala. It is also called as ‘capital of pilgrim centers’ because Sabarimala belongs to this district. Even though there is no railways, frequent bus services are extended to each nook and corner of its villages which makes the traveling hassle-free.

Demographically this district has both hilly and slope areas which means all kinds of farming is done here. Moreover, 50% of the district is covered by forest and three rivers like Manmalayar, Achencovil river, and the great Pamba river nourishes the land. Sashathamkotta lake is another attraction, it is the largest freshwater lake in Kerala which covers around 12.69 sq km. This lake not only meets the water requirement of Pathanamthitta district and the neighboring Kollam district.

India’s most visited pilgrim center Sabarimala has the deity of Lord Swami Ayyappan. Long back, when Pathanamthitta was under Pandalam dynasty, Lord Ayyappan was in the throne. Since the place has millions of pilgrims every year, hotels and other amenities are maintained in good quality to ensure safety for the visitors. 

Kodumon Chilanthiyambalam is another spot in this district. It was formed during the period of Sakthibadra Kingdom. The specialty about this temple is the spider well where it is believed that drinking water from the well will cure diseases. Moving from there elephant cage in Konny shows the practices of training elephants in the past for domestic works. Artistic skillsets passed on through generations are seen in Aranmula,  where the famous Aranmula mirrors are created from natural minerals instead of glass. People believe that owning one Aranmula Kanadi(mirror) at home could bring good luck.

Some of the other destinations are Chakkulathukavu Temple, Jama-Al Mosque, Pandalam Valiyakoyikal temple, Pamba Manalppuram where Maramon convention is held every year and so on.

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