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Rent a Car in Pathanapuram

Rent a car in Pathanampuram without driver from KottayamCars. Our Automatic Car / Manual Car/ Wedding Car rental service is available in all areas of Pathanapuram.Kottayam Cars provides Rent a Car in Pathanapuram without driver. Our Automatic , Manual , Wedding Car Rental Service is available in all areas of Pathanapuram.

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Kottayam Cars is a premium car rental service (Rent a Car) based in Kerala. Rent a Car in Pathanapuram with Kottayam Cars, booking Rent a Car in Kerala without driver is very simple and fast. NRIs who plan on making trips to Kerala can pre-book automatic, manual transmission car of their choice, specify the duration they need it for and the location they need it to be delivered to. When the NRI lands in Kerala, the car will be delivered at the Airport or the location of their preference at the time specified.

Our Services include:

Rent a Car in Pathanapuram without driver

Rent Automatic Car in Pathanapuram

Wedding Car Rental in Pathanapuram

Luxury Car Rental in Pathanapuram

Automatic Car Rental in Pathanapuram

Pathanapuram Car Rental


Pathanapuram is a small town in Kollam district . It is popularly called as elephant town because the name is a Malayalam compound word which means land of ten big elephants. During the period of king Marthandavarma , wild elephants were caught from the forests and were trained in Pathanapuram. 

In the past, the basic income of people was from agriculture, but nowadays revenue part of non-resident Indians play major role of the economy here. Pathanapuram market also evolved with many new shops like mobile shops, textile showrooms,  home appliances showrooms and so on as like any other town. So there is no need to travel far to Punalur or Kollam to buy branded items.

Fertile rich soil with pools of groundwater enriches the cultivation of many plants like banana, tapioca, yam, etc.,  As it is a hilly area there is only a few hectares of paddy field. 

If anyone is planning for an adventurous trip then taking the route to Achenkovil, a must-visit place for nature lovers, from Pathanapuram exhilarates the travelers with its breathtaking the beauty and mesmerizing view of the thick forest chilled with fog and snow on the way. Even though KSRTC bus services and jeep service are available driving by our personal vehicle helps to enjoy the road. we could witness a parade of an elephant on the way but remember not to move your vehicle till they clear the way. Some times herds of sambar or deers could say hello to us. 

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