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Rent a Car in Thuravoor

Rent a Car in Thuravoor without driver from Kottayam Cars. Our Automatic Cars / Manual Cars/ Wedding Car Rental Service is available in all areas of Thuravoor.

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Our Services include:

Rent a Car in Thuravoor without driver

Rent Automatic Car in Thuravoor

Wedding Car Rental in Thuravoor

Luxury Car Rental in Thuravoor

Automatic Car Rental in Thuravoor

Thuravoor Car Rental

Kottayam Cars is a premium car rental service based in Kerala. With Kottayam Cars, booking a car for rental is simple and fast. NRIs who plan on making trips to Kerala can pre-book the car of their selection, specify the duration they need it for and the location they need it to be delivered to. When the NRI lands in Kerala, the car will be delivered to the location of their preference at the time specified.

Thuravoor is a small Hamlet with a serene beauty in Alappuzha district. It is located in Chertala Taluk. The major business here is fishing and shrimp farming as it has many small lakes. Even the name Thuravoor comes with the meaning ‘land of lakes’.
In the past, Thuravoor ferry was one of the fastest waterways for the passenger boats between Cochin and Alappuzha. For decades, the residents conduct festivals as a thanksgiving around this ferry.
 Thuravoor Thycattussery bridge is one of the grand architectural piece of attraction here. Its 12m width helps the vehicles to move smoothly. The major benefit of this bridge is, it is the easiest route for Sabarimala visitors as it Decreases the travel time when compared to other routes. Besides that, Cochin international airport is only 8km from here, so it benefits foreign visitors too.
Another important place in Thuravoor is the temple Thuravoor Mahakshetram. It is one of the most respected place of worship in Kerala. The temple is believed to be found over 1300 years back but there is no proof. Only a few Palm leaf scripts left which is believed to be from 800 AD. The two deities in two temples in one single compound is the main difference seen from other temples. The priest who is in charge and his assistant here is reversed every year , and they are taken the vow to maintain their celibacy during the period of service.

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